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“Easy process to create ad good follow up on results and good exposure opportunity.”

-Mike McAllister, VP Investor Relations Superior Gold


“Very positive. Team was super helpful in getting us opt-in emails whenever we asked so that we could update our mail-chimp. Saw good up tick in US volumes.”

-Taje Dhatt, VP Strategy & Corporate Development of Chesapeake Gold

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On a scale of 1-10 we give BTV a 10. BTV brought our company significant US and Canadian exposure. They've always been great partners for us and a pleasure to work with.”

-Lisa Crossley, CEO Reliq Health Technologies


“Our experience has been positive. After running our ad for several months, we have noticed increased traffic to our website and the specific fund being advertised. Support from B-TV has been good.”

-Louis Ribieras, Business Development Associate at Hamilton ETFs


“Great experience, happy with the results.”

-Jacklynn Hunt, Manager of Corporate Affairs at i-80 Gold Corp